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Insurance is very important, but unfortunately, most of the world's population does not have access to it and is therefore subject to all kinds of casualties.

Mutual.Life was born with the goal of bringing more security and economic stability to millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries such as Brazil, where most of the population is vulnerable to accidents and other forms of damage, for two main reasons: either because existing insurance products are financially infeasible, or because there are no adequate options for the specific needs of these people.

And the way we do this is through mutual self-protection. Instead of having to pay for an insurance policy every year, whether you use it or not, at Mutual.Life, a group of people who know each other and have similar needs can come together and, through our platform, contribute to a "shared fund", which will be used by the group itself to reimburse eventual losses of its members, in a fair and symmetrical way, taking into account the profile of each member.

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The funds contributed to the group continues to belong to its members and are only used when a claim is made. In addition to being fair to each member, the coverage values are flexible, making it possible to create protections of the size that the group needs.


Mutual.Life does not pay indemnities, so, unlike insurance, it does not have any interest that an indemnity be denied.By working with a lot of transparency and empowering group members with simple and effective tools, we eliminate the conflict of interests between insured and insurer, reduce fraud, and translate all this into economy for people just like you.


Participating in small mutual aid groups has several advantages, but may raise the question of the level of protection offered because of the limited dilution of risks. To protect you against a possible scenario of several claims occuring in a short time and this exceeding the group's repayment capacity, Mutual.Life works with group pools and collateralization mechanisms to provide more security for everyone.


Our vision is to apply a range of promising technologies to add value and deliver the best possible experience to our customers. That is why we are betting on the use of Blockchain technology , which is the technological basis of the digital currency Bitcoin, and provides greater security, privacy, transparency and agility in the governance processes of the groups and pools of the Mutual.Life network .In addition, we also see an extensive use of Machine Learning and IoT to provide maximum accuracy in the personalization of risk scores, providing a fairer and more symmetrical relationship between the members of each group.


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