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We are the insurtech alternative that allows the user to split indemnities with people of a similar risk profile, with transparency, flexibility and without information asymmetry.

The purpose of the Mutual.Life platform is to rescue mutualism in a safe and transparent manner, thus providing a more symmetrical and fairer relationship for the participants, but also eliminating the risks of mismanagement, fraud and other historically frequent problems in mutual associations.

Few industries are as large and as little innovative as private insurance. Although incremental innovations happen occasionally, the internet and emerging technologies such as Blockchain and IA offer a new range of possibilities for protection models, with the potential to democratize insurance, especially in developing countries, and therefore enabling a strong economic and social impact.

Applying state of the art technology to Blockchain and Smart Contracts, our goal is to eliminate the asymmetry of information present in the insurer-insured relationship, providing a platform for forming mutual aid groups so that the risks of close and reliable people can be quoted and the possible damages prorated among the group members themselves in a simple and safe way.

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Jó Beduschi

Jó Beduschi


Has a bachelor's degree in law, an MBA in business management and is getting a master's degree in Neuromarketing, and has had businesses in Brazil and abroad. Jó advises companies and startups and was director of the Start You Up accelerator in Vitória, ES.

Fabricio Vargas Matos

Fabricio Vargas Matos


With master's degree in computer science (BSc, MSc) and a specialized in Blockchain (Bitcoin and Ethereum), 15 years coordinating software projects for the corporate market and mobile apps, he served as CTO in 3 startups.

Felipe Lomeu

Felipe Lomeu


Specialist in business development with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing strategies and internet. In the last 5 years, he has specialized in startups and growth hacking.

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