Why we are different

Understand why we are the evolution of insurance
and we have the advantages you need.

In Mutual.Life everything is fair and transparent, and what defines how things work
is you and your group. Here are some of the main advantages of using our platform:

No complicated contracts

You and your group define all aspects of the coverage you require, such as what will be protected, value of protection, criteria, and deadlines for events.

No limits

Your group can protect whatever you want, meaning you can have protection for products that do not exist in the traditional insurance market.

No bureaucracy

When a reimbursement request takes place, it is trustworthy people who evaluate the request and the evaluation must be fair, otherwise the group cannot expect a different treatment in the future.

No fine print

Premiums or monthly payments aren't necessary, you only pay when there are claims; i.e. If your group has no claims, then you don't pay anything.

No divergent interests

When you submit a claim to your group and provide evidence, members vote on whether you should be reimbursed and how much, then the group makes the payment.