How it works

The evolution of insurance

Understand how the Mutual.Life platform works.
and why it looks like insurance, but is actually shared protection.

For us, the future of insurance has arrived. And it's simpler than it sounds.


Getting Started

  1. User receives invitation from a member of a Mutual.Life group;
  2. User registers through the link received in the invitation;
  3. The user's registration is sent to the group for approval - the group has 24 hours to respond;
  4. After 24 hours, if there were no objections, the guest is accepted by the group and then receives the instructions by e-mail;
  5. After the instructions are executed, the guest is inserted in the group in which he was invited.

How to get reimbursed

  1. By means of a personal register, the user informs all the information related to the event;
  2. The request for reimbursement is then submitted to the group that will have 48 hours to send any disputes confidentially;
  3. After the 48-hour period for contestation, the group will have another 48 hours to vote, with the vote taking the form of a percentage that the member judges to be the fair one to be reimbursed;
  4. In the case of abstention, a 100% favorable vote is considered;
  5. After 48 hours of voting, the requesting member is reimbursed, according to the average of the percentage admitted by the group.

Currently, we are in the process of experimentation and validation,
so for now, we only admit users invited by current Mutual.Life members.