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Validity start date: September 10, 2017
Date of last update: September 10, 2017

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy states how Mutual.Life Technology Ltda. (hereinafter referred to as "Mutual.Life") obtains, uses, discloses, transfers and stores your personal information obtained through the Mutual.Life website (hereinafter also referred to as the "Mutual.Life website") and for which this policy is relevant.

Unless otherwise noted, this Privacy Policy does not apply to personal information obtained outside the internet connection or to third party websites that have connection to the Mutual.Life website. The use of the Mutual.Life website is subject to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Please read this Privacy Policy before using the Mutual.Life website or before sending any personal information and contact Mutual.Life in case of any doubts or questions.

What does "personal information" mean under this Privacy Policy?

"Personal information" means data that identifies you or others or that may be used in any way to identify you or others and which are sent to the Mutual.Life website and/or collected through it. Examples of personal information are: name, mailing address, e-mail, telephone number, contact preferences, credit card information, information about goods, and more.

Mutual.Life may confirm personal information by consulting with public bodies, specialized companies, restrictive registries or risk centrals. The information that Mutual.Life obtains from these entities will be treated confidentially. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal information you provide, and should keep them updated. Consequently, Mutual.Life has no responsibility whatsoever if you provide false or inaccurate information related to your personal or third-party information provided by you.

How does Mutual.Life get information through the internet (online)?

Mutual.Life obtains information through the internet in two ways:

  1. Active collection of information:

    Like many websites, the Mutual.Life website will actively collect your information (that is, when you submit it on your own initiative) by asking questions or requesting you to fill in your data.

    Some of the information that you provide us may be considered personal information (i.e., information that can identify you, such as: full name, address, email, telephone, etc. ).Some areas of the Mutual.Life website may require that you provide personal information so that you can make use of specific features (such as receiving service information and contacting Mutual.Life's Customer Service, respond to a Mutual.Life survey, subscribe to the newsletter, receive tips/pointers, fill out a feedback form, etc.). You will be informed at each active collection point of information about which information is mandatory and which is optional. To protect your privacy, you should not send Mutual.Life any information that is not specifically requested.
  2. Passive collection of information:

    By browsing the Mutual.Life website, certain information may be obtained by Mutual.Life passively (that is, without you having sent them on your own initiative) through the use of various technologies, such as the so-called cookies and web beacons of the internet, explained in the following item.

    In general terms, passive data collection technologies used on the Mutual.Life website can collect only non-personal information, that is, information that does not allow you to be identified or directly associated with you, unless you have sent them on your own initiative, unless you have provided personal information that enables you to identify yourself on the Mutual.Life page. Examples of non-personal data collected on the Mutual.Life website: your profession, your language, your zip code, your area code, your activity, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website you previously visited, among others.

    Passive information collection and tracking technologies can make it easier for you to navigate the Mutual.Life website. In addition, they allow Mutual.Life to better understand the behavior of people who visit the Mutual.Life website, enhance the products, services and advertising offered, identify problems with a server, adapt the Mutual.Life website to your preferences, gather statistical data, analyze trends, identify which parts of the web page gain more interest, allowing better management and page improvement, as well as better service delivery.

    To learn about limiting or disabling passive information and tracking technology, see the topic below "How can I choose how Mutual.Life gets and uses my personal information?". However, certain features of the Mutual.Life website rely on the usage of passive information and tracking technologies.

    Personal information combined with non-personal information will be treated as personal information as long as that information remains combined.

Cookies and Other Technologies for Passive Data Collection:

Your browser automatically transmits to Mutual.Life's website information collected through passive data collection technologies (cookies and web beacons), such as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website you just visited, the browser version with which your computer operates and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer.

Cookies are small text files transferred to your computer's hard drive by a web page. Web beacons (also called GIF files, pixels or internet tags) help Mutual.Life recognize a specific cookie in your browser.

The IP address is a number assigned to your computer by your internet service provider so that you can access the internet and is generally considered as non-personal information because in most cases the IP address is dynamic (changing each time you connect to the internet), rather than static (unique to a particular user's computer). However, to the extent that the IP address of your computer, dynamic or static, is considered personal information, Mutual.Life will also treat this identifier as personal information.

Under what circumstances and for what purposes does Mutual.Life get and use personal information?

Mutual.Life will use your personal information provided through the website to enable efficient delivery of services and to answer your questions. When you submit personal information through a form or data field on the Mutual.Life website, Mutual.Life may use this personal information to provide you access to services as well as to provide you with the opportunity to receive news and updates about Mutual.Life services as well as to invite you to participate in surveys about our services or to report special rates if you give us your explicit consent. Mutual.Life may also use certain identifying technologies to allow the website to "remember" your personal preferences, such as the parts of the website you visit frequently and, if you like, your user identification.

Mutual.Life may use, and will do so, your computer's IP address to identify you when you purchase services from the Mutual.Life website and when deemed necessary to verify compliance with this Privacy Policy and the Internet Terms of Use or to protect the services provided by Mutual.Life, the Mutual.Life website, and its partners, customers and suppliers, among others.

Does Mutual.Life consolidate the personal information of several customers?

Mutual.Life may consolidate the personal information of users using the Mutual.Life website. In addition, Mutual.Life may consolidate information in an unidentifiable format (aggregated/anonymous data) to assist in the further development of the Mutual.Life website, the products and services offered, contributing to Mutual.Life's research activities and to facilitate business activities promoted through the Mutual.Life website.

How can I choose how Mutual.Life gets and uses my personal information?

You can always limit the amount and type of personal information Mutual.Life receives about you by choosing not to enter any personal information in forms or data fields on the Mutual.Life website. However, some of the online services offered by Mutual.Life can only be provided if you provide the appropriate personal information.

Mutual.Life will also need to obtain your personal information if you wish to appear on Mutual.Life's contact lists to receive news, updates and additional services that may be of interest to you.

Some browsers allow you to restrict or disable the use of passive data collection and tracing technologies that collect information. Check with your browser manufacturer to learn how to restrict or disable the use of these technologies, but be aware that some tools on Mutual.Life's website will not be available when these technologies are restricted or disabled.

Who will have access to my personal information?

Personal information may be accessed by a limited number of Mutual.Life employees, and by companies with which Mutual.Life may engage in commercial partnerships with as well as hired third parties to develop commercial activities for Mutual.Life. Mutual.Life also requires its trading partners to keep your personal information confidential and not to use it for unauthorized purposes.

Does Mutual.Life share my personal information with third parties?

Unless otherwise noted in this section, Mutual.Life will not transfer your personal information to third parties unless you have authorized the transfer. Mutual.Life may disclose your personal information without transferring it without your prior consent to third parties who assist us in our business activities. It is Mutual.Life's practice to require that such third parties keep your personal information confidential and use it only to provide services for Mutual.Life and according to Mutual.Life's counsel.

Mutual.Life reserves the right to disclose your personal information if required by governmental authorities or by a legal requirement, as well as to protect against the interference of Mutual.Life's rights or property and the users of Mutual.Life's internet pages. In addition, in the event of a restructuring, merger or sale, Mutual.Life may transfer any and all personal information obtained to the applicable third party.

Mutual.Life does not sell to any third party any type of "user list" or personal information pertaining to the users of the Mutual.Life website, and does not intend to do so in the future.

How does Mutual.Life protect my personal information?

It is Mutual.Life's practice to ensure the safety of the Mutual.Life website, where personal information is collected. Mutual.Life takes precautions, including administrative, technical and physical measures, to protect your personal information against loss, theft, misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. However, Mutual.Life can not guarantee the complete confidentiality of personal information transmitted over the internet.

Mutual.Life can not guarantee that unauthorized third parties have access to your personal information; therefore, by sending personal information to Mutual.Life's web pages, you should evaluate the risks and benefits.

You should know the privacy policies of third-party websites before submitting your personal information through these pages. Mutual.Life will not be liable for damages that may result from breach or breakage of Internet security barriers by third parties such as "hackers".

How does Mutual.Life protect the privacy of minors?

Mutual.Life does not intentionally solicit or use personal information from minors (we define "minors" as persons under the age of 18) on the Mutual.Life website. Within the limits of Mutual.Life's knowledge, minors are not allowed to communicate with Mutual.Life or use any online service offered by Mutual.Life. If you find out that a minor under your responsibility has sent information to Mutual.Life, please contact us by one of the methods described below, so that Mutual.Life can solve the problem together with you. If Mutual.Life is made aware that it has obtained personal information from a minor, Mutual.Life will take steps to exclude such information as soon as possible.

How can I correct my personal information or delete it from customer records?

With your help, Mutual.Life will keep your personal information correct and up to date. You may request the removal, amendment or correction of your personal information. Please inform Mutual.Life on what you wish to do by contacting via one of the means specified below.

For how long does Mutual.Life store personal information?

In general, Mutual.Life only stores personal information for the time needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, respecting the data retention periods required by law. For security reasons, Mutual.Life does not retain information about your credit cards used to purchase products or services offered on the Mutual.Life website. For this reason, each time you perform a transaction you must re-enter your credit card details.

Where does Mutual.Life store personal information?

All other personal information is collected and stored on servers located physically in Brazil or the United States. Mutual.Life may relocate its servers to any other country in the future and may store personal information in Brazil or other countries for backup or backup purposes.

How can I contact Mutual.Life?

If you have questions about the scope, use, alteration or deletion of personal information that you have submitted to Mutual.Life, or if you wish to leave the distribution list of future communications about Mutual.Life services, please contact us through the corresponding option on the Mutual.Life website or send an email to [email protected]. You may also send a letter to:

To: Customer Service
Av. Antônio Gil Veloso, 1818 - Praia da Costa
Vila Velha - ES - Brazil
CEP 29101-018

In all communication with Mutual.Life, please include the email address you used to register (if applicable) and a detailed explanation of your request. If you want to delete, change or correct your personal information and you are contacting Mutual.Life by e-mail, fill in the message's subject line with "Request for deletion" or "Request for change/correction". Mutual.Life strives to respond to all applicable requests in the shortest amount of time possible.

How will I know if Mutual.Life updated this Privacy Policy?

If Mutual.Life changes its privacy practices, an updated version of this Privacy Policy will reflect such changes and updating the effective date, which is at the top of this Privacy Policy, will indicate changes. Without harming your rights guaranteed by law, Mutual.Life reserves the right to periodically review this Privacy Policy to reflect technological advances, changes in law or regulatory standards, and good business practices.